How To Test Website Mobile Version Without Extension or Website In Chrome

Today In This Post I will Share How I m test my website mobile version on chrome without any Extension or Testing Website

What is Mobile version?

Mobile version testing is Mobile Responsive test Like You Make A website Its show on desktop perfectly but in mobile it some Show like A Garbage So if want you site super cool not garbage then use this trick

How To Use/ Steps to Use ? 

Here The Desktop version Of Desi tech So We will covert or test Mobile version

Step 1. Open Chrome Go To Menu > More Tools > Developer Tools Or Press CTRL+Shift+I

You Will See Html Codes So Its Done Next 

Step 2. Click On Mobile Icon Show In the Picture

Hooray!!! You Get the mobile Version See Picture Below

Use Of This Trick?

  • Test You Website Mobile Responsive
  • Visit Nay Site As A mobile user
  • And Much More What Do you think about this how use
If you like Please Share This trick With you friends Bye See You In Another Exiting Post

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